Ndey is an enthusiastic professional with 20years of experience in business development, project development and organisational management. She has a passion for service- delivery, is result oriented and genuinely cares for the diverse people who benefit from her various endeavours. Ndey has an MBA in Organisation and Management, Msc in Development Studies and a Phd Module in Development Studies. She is an author of Children books, The Rabbit and the Bean Farm and The Girl who Married a Python. She worked as an Account Manager for Ria Financial Services Norway. Founder and Executive Director, Jobs Consulting Competence Development and Entrepreneurship (JOKODE),Norway. Owner/Executive Director, Jobs Consulting, Norway. Worked as Business Development Manager, Genkey As, Norway. Worked as Project Developer, Meltwater As, Norway. Worked as Senior Grants Manager, The African Women’s Development Fund, Ghana. Worked as International Programme Officer, Akina Mama wa Afrika, UK. The Chair and Co. Founder of the Gambia House, Co. Founder and worked as Executive Director for The Africa Center for Information and Development (ACID),Norway. Ndey Jobarteh is a Co-founder/Vice Chair of The Every Woman!